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Melgaço and the Minho River

The Heart of Northern Portugal

Come and discover Melgaço, the hidden gem of northern Portugal, where nature, history and culture meet to create an unforgettable destination. Part of the Minho region, Melgaço is an invitation to explore the magnificent River Minho, which defines and determines the natural border between Portugal and Spain.

In Melgaço, each path leads to a new discovery. From the wine landscapes, home to the famous Alvarinho, to the historic ruins that tell stories of ancient times, this region promises to enchant everyone who decides to visit. Its natural landscapes are incredible for outdoor lovers, with hiking and cycling trails offering stunning views.

But it is the River Minho that truly defines Melgaço. This river is not just a geographical landmark, it is a true space for adventurers. With a variety of water activities, from peaceful canoeing to exciting rafting, the Minho River is perfect for those looking for action and adrenaline. Its clear waters and challenging currents are the ideal setting for an unforgettable adventure.

Melgaço and the Minho River

The Heart of Northern Portugal

It's not just nature that makes Melgaço a special destination. The town speaks for itself, with its imposing castle and narrow streets, which tell stories of a rich and fascinating past. The local gastronomy is another highlight, with traditional dishes that promise to delight, always accompanied by the region's excellent wine.

Come and discover Melgaço and the Minho River for yourself. Explore, adventure and fall in love with this land where the beauty of nature meets the richness of culture. Melgaço and the Minho River await you!

Melgaço Radical awaits you to experience the “Most Radical Nature Destination in Portugal”. Come experience the excitement and beauty of Melgaço – where the adventure never ends!

Nature. Adventure. Unforgettable Memories!

Embrace adventure and celebrate life!

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