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Pendular Jump: What it is and where to do it

Have you ever heard of pendulum jumping? Often confused with bungee jumping, this sport promises the same adrenaline and is undoubtedly a unique experience. 

In this article, find out more about pendulum jumping!

What is pendulum jumping?

The pendulum jump consists of jumping into space from a bridge. The jump is made with a system of ropes in free fall, resulting in a movement similar to that of a clock pendulum.

Is pendulum jumping like a free fall?

Yes. The sensation that the pendulum jump provides is that of diving into the void, since the jumping technique and the objective of practicing it is to immerse yourself in nature. 

Difference between pendulum jumping and bungee jumping

Jumping is a common issue among those who would like to try extreme activities.

Both sports are very similar, where the main difference is that in bungee jumping an elastic rope is used to make a vertical jump, while in the pendulum jump a dynamic rope is used, which is attached to the opposite side of the bridge, resulting in a jump into the void with a pendulum effect.

Does pendulum jumping cause fear?

Fear is always present when doing an activity like pendulum jumping. However, this is a natural reaction of the body, which happens even to the bravest.

However, fear gives way to adrenaline, making the experience positive and special for the vast majority of its practitioners. 

What makes pendulum jumping unique?

The adrenaline in pendulum jumps goes beyond the jump itself. The pendulum jump provides the opportunity for its practitioners to see the landscapes from a unique perspective, where the mix of the jump with the pendulum movement makes the experience unique. 

What is the falling speed in the pendulum jump?

The estimated height of the pendulum jump is 30 meters. When it comes to speed, it decreases as the participant in the activity becomes fully extended and hangs from the rope. 

How does it feel to do a pendulum jump?

Practicing pendulum jumping gives participants a great rush of adrenaline, making the experience exciting and unique. Therefore, from the moment you try this activity, you will definitely want to do it again. However, it is perfectly normal to feel some type of trepidation or fear before trying this activity.

Pendulum jump: tips for overcoming fear?

Jumping from a high place brings fear, a common feeling in these situations. However, there are ways to alleviate it:

  • Realize that the risks are minimal;
  • Breathe and try to remain as calm as possible, especially because it helps to have a more realistic and less fearful perspective of the situation; 
  • Go little by little, and realize that you are being accompanied on this adventure. 

Pendulum Jump: Tips for Beginners

For those who are starting to practice pendulum jumping, there are main points to take into account:

  • Go accompanied by a professional;
  • Use safety material;
  • Follow all the guides' instructions on pendulum jumping techniques;
  • Bring comfortable clothes.

What is the best time of year to practice?

There is no specific time of year when pendulum jumping is recommended. However, clear days are ideal, so you can fully enjoy the experience. 

Where to do pendulum jumping in Portugal

The best places for pendulum jumping extend from the north to the south of the country. Places like Santa Maria da Feira, the Peneda-Gerês National Park or Melgaço. 

Where to do it in the north of Portugal

There are several places where you can do pendulum jumping in the north of Portugal. In the far north, the Melgaço Radical offers you a pendulum jump from the Peso-Arbo international bridge, which connects Portugal to Spain and promises an unforgettable experience. 

Is pendulum jumping suitable for all ages?

No. The minimum age to practice this activity is 16 years old, and in the case of minors, they must be accompanied by a guardian. 

Are there any health or physical requirements?

People with heart problems or vertigo are not recommended to practice this sport. However, in the remaining cases, anyone can make the jump without any restrictions. 

Is some type of insurance necessary?

To practice pendulum jumping, insurance is required. At Melgaço Radical You are entitled to civil liability and personal accident insurance when carrying out this activity. 

How to do a pendulum jump?

To do pendulum jumping you need a set of ropes, carabiners, harness and helmet, practitioners throw themselves from a high point (bridge) with arms and legs open.

They then turn upside down, while swinging and enjoying the landscape around them, always supported by safety materials. 

What are the risks associated with pendulum jumping?

Safety in pendulum jumping is essential so that the risks are practically zero. To do this, it is important to use equipment for pendulum jumping, such as a safety harness and helmet. 

At Melgaço Radical You are entitled to both safety materials, so that you can have a special and safe activity!

Who can't do pendulum jumping?

Children, people with cardiovascular problems or spinal diseases should not do pendulum jumping. However, in other situations it is possible to practice this adventure activity, as there are several benefits of pendulum jumping, such as improved well-being and self-esteem.

How much does it cost to do pendulum jumping?

Prices for pendulum jumping vary depending on the location chosen and the extreme activity companies chosen. However, the average price is around 40 euros, lasting one hour. 


If you don't have back or cardiovascular problems, or vertigo, pendulum jumping is for you. Jumping from a height of 30 meters into the void can be scary, but the adrenaline that this activity provides makes this experience unique.

Dare to leave your comfort zone and try pendulum jumping! 

At Melgaço Radical we have these and other adventures, like our iconic rafting on the river minho, O canyoning, O hydrospeed, The canoeing, among other activities that you will love to try.


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