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Hidrospeed: All the Information

Derived from rafting, but it is practiced on a board and not in a boat, hydrospeed consists of going down rivers only with the help of a hydrospeed board.

This radical activity brings several health benefits to its practitioners and is accessible to a wide range of ages. Find out more about this and other topics in this article. 

Hidrospeed: what is it?

Hidrospeed It is defined as a water sport where participants descend and navigate river currents supported by a floating board.

The objective is to follow the speed of a river's currents and at the same time get around its natural obstacles, such as rocks. 

Hydrospeed is also known as riverboarding or hydrospeed. This sport combines elements of rafting, bodyboarding and swimming.

How and where did hydrospeed start?

Information about the origins of hydrospeed indicates that this sport emerged in the French Alps in 1970. It all started because allegedly a group of rafting teachers wanted to find a sport with greater contact with the environment.

Elsewhere in the world, hydrospeed also began based on rafting. In places like New Zealand or California, some rafting instructors and surfer Robert Carlson, respectively, ventured to try out the various ways of diving into a river with their boards.

What is the difference between hydrospeed and rafting?

Although hydrospeed emerged based on the rafting, both activities have differences. The main difference lies in the fact that in rafting the practitioners are in a boat, while in hydrospeed they are just supported on the board. 

hidrospeed rio minho

What equipment is needed for hydrospeed?

To practice hydrospeed it is necessary to bring material to the end of the activity, such as:

  • Closed footwear;
  • Spare dry clothing;
  • Food;
  • Sunglasses that can be used in water. 

During the activity, the instructors have with them the material that the practitioners will use, which are:

  • Thermal suit;
  • Inflatable vest;
  • Floating board;
  • Helmet;
  • Fins.

Who can do hydrospeed?

For the practice of hydrospeed, the difficulty of the river is a determining factor in the minimum age. However, in most cases it is within twelve years. They also need to know how to swim and submerge their heads in water without panicking. 

Minors must be accompanied by those over 18, or have a declaration authorizing the practice of the sport.

What type of board is used in hydrospeed?

The board used in hydrospeed is made from durable materials such as high-density polyethylene or polyurethane. It has an aerodynamic design and is narrower than traditional surfboards. 

It is usually equipped with safety straps and has ridges on the bottom to help with steering and stability in the water. It may also have attachment points for accessories such as fins.

Where to hydrospeed in Portugal 

The north of the country offers lots of options for practicing hydrospeed, as is the case with Tâmega river. However, the Minho River is the one that presents the best conditions for practicing it, due to the various currents it generates, making the hydrospeed experience a true adventure. 

Can I hydrospeed on the Minho River?

Yes the river Minho presents unique conditions for practicing hydrospeed, giving it medium difficulty.

With the Melgaço Radical has the best hydrospeed adventures, with the Minho River as the main stage for a moment of adrenaline and lots of fun! 

When is the best time to practice hydrospeed?

The best time to practice hydrospeed is in summer and spring. This happens because in both seasons of the year the river currents are more favorable and the outside temperature is more comfortable for practicing the activity, which involves spending a lot of time in the water. 

Health benefits of hydrospeed

Practicing hydrospeed, as a sport, has several benefits for health, both physical and mental: 

  • Contact with nature helps reduce stress;
  • Adrenaline causes blood vessels to dilate, benefiting heart health;
  • The ability to think quickly is also tested in this sport.

Hydrospeed tips for beginners

To fully enjoy the activity, it is important that, as a beginner, you practice the activity accompanied by other more experienced people and a guide. 

It is also important to bear in mind that it can happen that you get stuck along the way, but this is normal and the essential thing is to remain calm. 

hidrospeed rio minho

Can I practice hydrospeed without experience?

Yes. The basic requirement for practicing hydrospeed is knowing how to swim and, apart from this issue, you can participate in the activity without any conditions. 

However, it is important to be accompanied by a certified instructor and people who have had other hydrospeed experiences.

How long does a hydrospeed activity last?

The hydrospeed activity lasts three to four hours, in a group of around six people. During this time, fun and adrenaline are guaranteed!

Book with Melgaço Radical your activity, where safety, adventure and joy are guaranteed! 

Is hydrospeed suitable for children?

There are no specific age restrictions, but a minimum age of twelve is recommended. However, if safety rules are complied with, from the material used to the accompaniment of a guide and adults with experience in the sport, hydrospeed can be made the most of.


Hydrospeed, as a water activity, which consists of traveling along a river on a hydrospeed board, brings several physical and mental benefits to its practitioners, due to the contact with nature and the adrenaline of the activity.

There is an average minimum age for practicing this sport, which is around twelve years old, but from then on, anyone, with or without experience, can take the plunge. With the appropriate equipment, namely helmet, thermal suit and board, practicing hydrospeed promises a lot of joy.

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