8 Fun Adventures and Activities to Do as a Family

Encouraging team spirit, contact with nature and its benefits, while playing sports is the ideal combination for a day well spent with the family. 

Extreme sports are an option for those who want to have fun with their family.

Who can practice these sports, what activities are available or what are the best places to practice extreme activities are some of the questions addressed in this article.

Advantages of family adventures

In addition to providing moments of fun and distraction, family adventures have several advantages, such as:

  • Physical, social and mental stimulation;
  • Promotes contact with nature;
  • Create family memories;
  • Strengthen family ties;
  • Development of new skills;
  • Develops skills such as teamwork or resilience
  • Guaranteed family fun.

Benefits of extreme activities for children

There are several benefits of outdoor activities for children. 

It's obvious that when we think about extreme activities for children, it's normal to be a little worried due to some type of fear. But it all depends on the activity and security conditions.

But did you know that in addition to providing moments of pure fun, these activities are full of benefits for child development? 

  • Connection with nature, 
  • Development of physical skills, 
  • Socialization and the development of teamwork skills
  • Strengthening self-confidence and autonomy
  • Management and decision making
  •  Stimulating creativity and imagination
  • Developing resilience

These are some of the main benefits of extreme family adventures.

Encouraging children and young people to participate in extreme activities is investing in their development, as these experiences are not only fun, but are also important for healthy growth, both physical and emotional. 

Tips for a perfect day of adventure

Practicing family activities full of adventure requires certain points to take into account:

  • Use appropriate safety materials when carrying out activities;
  • Carry a backpack with food and other supplies such as water or sunscreen;
  • Plan what activities you intend to do;
  • Contact a trusted adventure space.

Aventuras em Família melgaço radical

8 Radical and fun activities to do as a family 

Looking for activities that combine adventure and fun for the whole family can be a great way to spend the day and create lasting memories and strengthen bonds. 

Whether in water, air or land, there are several activities that can be done as a family, and which will bring guaranteed fun.

Here are some ideas to make your family time unforgettable and full of adventure: 

  • Rafting on the Minho River

O rafting on the river minho It consists of going down the river in a pneumatic boat, where, accompanied by a guide, you get around several obstacles. Rafting is an excellent activity to do as a family. 

  • Canoeing

Explore the canoeing also on the Minho River. This activity offers both relaxing moments and opportunities for a little more action in the water.

  • Canyoning

It is an adventure activity that combines hiking, climbing, swimming and even rappelling. For adventurous families who like a challenge and being in contact with nature, canyoning it can be an extraordinary experience.

  • Pedestrian routes

The walking routes are designed to immerse you in nature, through trail walks. The different levels of the routes can bring families very relaxing moments and moments of appreciation of the landscape as well as moments of greater adrenaline. O northern Portugal has excellent examples of trails and walks for all tastes.

  • mountain biking

Cycle trails through mountains or forests. It's a great way to combine physical exercise with exploring nature.

  • Dive

Explore the underwater world as a family. Diving is perfect for families who love the sea and are curious to see marine life up close.

  • Paintball or Laser Tag

For a less risky but equally exciting adventure, paintball or laser tag are great options. These activities promote teamwork and strategy.

  • Sky

If you are near snowy mountains, try skiing or snowboarding. In addition to being exciting activities, they also allow you to enjoy stunning winter landscapes.

Family adventures: where to do them

There are several places where family fun is paramount. Whether in nature or in extreme or even theme parks. If you want to do water activities with your family, you can count on the help of Radical Melgaço, where there is no shortage of family activities! Melgaço Radical is in Melgaço, in the north of Portugal, very close to cities such as Braga, Porto, Viana do Castelo or even Galicia in Spain.

Best Rafting Spots for Families

Throughout the country, from north to south, there are several rafting spots for families. From the river Tâmega, Paiva or in the North passing through the river Minho, there are several options for family rafting.

Are there rafting and kayaking destinations suitable for all ages?

Canoeing and rafting require a minimum age. The age established for practicing these sports varies depending on the locations chosen as well as the level of intensity of the waters for practicing them, but as a rule the minimum age varies between 6 and 8 years. 

Therefore, practically any destination is suitable for rafting and canoeing for any age, and safety precautions are essential when participating in both activities.

The Minho River is known for its calm waters that allow you to go rafting with your family without any hindrance.

Prices for family activities and adventures on the Minho River 

Extreme activities have different prices. This variation in the cost of an adventure activity varies depending on the sport you want to do and the adventure space chosen. 

However, the activity prices at the river Minho, especially at Melgaço Radical, range between 15 and 45 euros.  


Since rafting on the river minho to the hiking trails, there are several options for adventure activities for the family. 

In the vast majority of these sports there is a minimum age to practice them, but they cover a wide range of age groups, thus being open to any age. 

Throughout the country there are several points where these sports can be practiced, with prices varying. However, their benefits are numerous, and they are undoubtedly an option to take into account when planning family activities. 


At Melgaço Radical we have these and other adventures, like our iconic rafting on the river minho, O canyoning, O hydrospeed, The canoeing, among other activities that you will love to try.

Discover Unlimited Emotion – Your Adventure Starts Here!

With more than two decades of experience, Melgaço Radical stands out as an undisputed reference in adventure sports and activities in the water, on land and outdoors on the Minho River and in Portugal. Our icon, the rafting on the river minho, is not just an activity; It is a transformative experience that attracts thousands of adventurers, national and international, to the picturesque region of Melgaço.

But our passion for adventure is not limited to rafting. Melgaço Radical is synonymous with diversity and innovation, offering a wide range of activities such as canyoning, canoeing, hydrospeed, abseiling, slide, pendulum jumping and hiking.

Come experience the excitement and beauty of Melgaço – where the adventure never ends!

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