Night Rafting on the Minho River

Night Rafting

Immerse yourself in the magic of Night Rafting on the River Minho with Melgaço Radical, an unforgettable experience that redefines adventure under the stars. This challenging river route, which serves as a backdrop to the natural border between Portugal and Spain, is now the stage for an unparalleled nighttime adventure, illuminated by the silver light of the moon.

Melgaço Radical invites you to discover the most mysterious and enchanting side of the Minho River, transforming it into the “Most Radical Nature Destination in Portugal”, also at night. This is your opportunity to experience the pure adrenaline and sublime beauty of the “Iberian Rafting Capital”, where the limits of adventure are extended to the veil of night.


3 to 4 hours


Rio Minho

Min. Participants

8 people



Minimum age

8 years


40 eur

An Unforgettable Adventure for Everyone

Night Rafting on the Minho River

Discover the Minho River like never before, under the light of the full moon, on a Night Rafting journey that promises not only to get your heart racing with the adrenaline of the river's currents, but also to enchant your senses with the beauty of nature under the light lunar. This unique adventure invites you to dive into the mysteries of the night, guided by the natural light that transforms every moment into a fascinating discovery.

Embark on this experience starting from the heart of Melgaço, where the adventure begins at dusk, lit only by the moon. Equipped with everything necessary for safety and comfort.

As you challenge the currents of the Minho River, let yourself be carried away by the magic of a starry sky, where the full moon serves not only as a lighthouse, but also as a window onto a rarely explored world. This unique experience is accessible to everyone, without the need for prior experience, and is specially designed to strengthen bonds between friends, families and colleagues, transforming a simple rafting trip into an adventure of collective integration and discovery.

This journey not only tests your physical and emotional limits but will also enrich your perception of nighttime beauty, leaving memories that will echo for a long time.

Night Rafting on the River Minho is not just an activity, it is a door to unique experiences, stunning views and a rare communion with nature. Get ready to have your senses heightened, your passion for adventure rekindled and your heart captivated by the magic of the Minho River under the full moon.

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Certified Instructors

At Melgaço Radical, we guarantee the safety and quality of our adventures with a team of fully certified instructors. Each instructor is qualified and experienced, ensuring that your experience is not only exciting but also safe.

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rafting noturno rio minho

What it includes

  • Personal Accident and Civil Liability Insurance;
  • Isothermal Suit;
  • Buoyancy Vest (mandatory);
  • Helmet (required);
  • Pagaia;
  • Photo report;
  • Transport;
  • Food Supplement;
  • Hot Shower;
  • Visit to the Solar or Adega de Alvarinho with tastings (by appointment).

Rafting on the Minho River

Who is it for?

This activity is perfect for adventurers of all ages, families, groups of friends and work teams. No prior experience is necessary, just a desire to enjoy nature and an exciting experience


We offer courses of various levels, from beginners (class 1-2) to more advanced levels (class 3-4), ensuring safety and fun for all participants.


Rafting takes place on the River Minho, known for its clear waters and stunning landscapes. This river offers a perfect setting for rafting, combining nature and adventure.


Rafting takes place on the River Minho, known for its clear waters and stunning landscapes. This river offers a perfect setting for rafting, combining nature and adventure.

Security and Equipment

Safety is our priority. We provide all the necessary equipment, including a life jacket, helmet and wetsuit. Additionally, all participants receive safety instructions before starting the activity.

Tips for Beginners

For those just starting out, we recommend choosing less difficult routes and always following the guides' instructions. It is important to be comfortable in the water and have a positive attitude.

Best Times for Rafting

The best time for rafting on the River Minho is from March to September, taking advantage of the good weather, the more challenging currents and the vibrant natural landscape.

Instructors and Guides

Our instructors and guides are experienced, certified professionals dedicated to providing a safe and fun experience for all participants.

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Common questions

  • What is Rafting on the Minho River?

    Rafting on the River Minho consists of going down the river in an inflatable boat, facing the descents in the incredible waters of the River Minho and enjoying the natural landscape.

  • Who Can Raft on the Minho River?

    Practically anyone can raft on the Minho River. It is a suitable activity for families, groups of friends and co-workers. You do not need experience.

  • Is Rafting on the Minho River Suitable for Children?

    Yes, rafting is suitable for children aged 8 and over, as long as they are accompanied by adults. There are adequate routes and equipment to ensure the safety of young people.

  • Are There Different Difficulty Levels?

    Yes, there are different levels of difficulty in rafting, which vary depending on the river section and water conditions. This is adjusted according to the experience and comfort of the group.

  • Is it possible to do rafting in a group?

    Of course. Rafting is ideal for groups. The boats can accommodate several people, making it an excellent group activity.

  • What Should I Wear and Bring to Rafting?

    You should dress comfortably in clothes that can get wet and closed-toe shoes. It is recommended to bring a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and a change of clothes for after the activity.

  • How Can I Book a Rafting Experience?

    You can book a rafting experience online, through the Melgaço Radical website, or contact us directly by phone or email to make an appointment.

Why choose Melgaço Radical

Experience and Security Guaranteed

At Melgaço Radical, we combine more than 20 years of experience with certified instructors to offer you exciting adventures in complete safety. Here, fun and safety go hand in hand in every experience!

Adventure for all tastes and ages

From challenging rafting on the River Minho to exciting hikes, Melgaço Radical has the perfect adventure for every age. Discover an incredible diversity of activities and immerse yourself in memorable experiences that go beyond what you expected!

Unique and Personalized Experiences

With Melgaço Radical, each adventure is a story waiting to be lived. We create personalized experiences that transform each activity into an unforgettable memory. Come explore, challenge yourself and create moments that will stay in your heart forever.

Other activities

Canoagem - Rio Minho - Melgaço Radical


The canoeing activity consists of going down the Minho River in canoes.

Hidrospeed - Rio Minho - Melgaço Radical


Hidrospeed consists of descending the Minho River around the rapids with the help of a small board.

Salto Pendular - Ponte Internacional Peso-Arbo - Melgaço Radical

Pendulum Jump

Pendulum jumping is an activity that involves jumping into space from a bridge and provides a few seconds of free fall.

Canyoning - Rio Laboreiro e Varziela -


Canyoning is an activity that consists of descending a route with steep drops in level on the Laboreiro or Varziela rivers.

The adventure with Melgaço Radical begins with the Rafting on the Minho River but it goes beyond that. Discover a universe of possibilities where adrenaline and nature meet. Imagine yourself to walk through the gorges, The rowing in calm waters, to challenge the currents in hydrospeed on the Minho River, or feeling the freedom of the air in a pendulum jump. And it doesn't stop there: we also have the rappel to test your limits and hiking in the North of Portugal that reveal breathtaking landscapes. Each activity is more than a challenge, it is a door to unforgettable experiences. Come and live every moment with safety and quality, and let Melgaço Radical awaken in you the adventurous spirit that yearns for new discoveries.


What our adventurers say

Frederic Alves
Good family experience, unforgettable moments with French friends and our children, top
Sofia Soares
Fantastic experience we had with Melgaço Radical! From Mr. Almeida to the instructors Rui and Francisco, who were impeccable with us and created an excellent environment from start to finish! This is the second time we have done this activity and we will certainly be back! Thank you 🙂
Martha Silva
Very good. Spectacular instructor Nuno! Everyone was in a good mood. Very good activities. Thank you for everything?
Cela fait maintenant plusieurs été que nous venons profiter des activités rafting, hier nous avons été une fois de plus ravi de notre apres-midi, nous avons eu la chance d'avoir comme moniteur LE SUPER ELKIN (ou devrais-je dire « el King »), which nous has passed an agreeable moment, we will strongly recommend it 😁😁👍 From the part of the equipment of Captain Jack Sparrow 😉
Paula Capucho
It was spectacular, my family and I loved it. The weather was fantastic, the atmosphere relaxed, the monitors very friendly, 5 stars. I recommend doing Rafting with family and friends, it's an experience worth repeating. I wish the Melgaço Radical team much success and that they continue to put smiles on all of our faces. Thanks

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